Top 10 Small Canister Vacuum with Attachments that You Must Check

Most of the time, a small canister vacuum with attachments works great for cleaning homes and offices.

It does not contain heavyweight.

It provides you numerous benefits.

So why not try it?

But, not all kits provide you the quality you are looking for.

Which’s why I suggest you to check out the below mentioning vacuum cleaner sets. And it would make your life a lot easier than ever.

You don’t have to carry heavy things or deal with dust. These vacuum cleaners can provide you with faster cleaning with a lot less hustle.

List of Best Small Canister Vacuum with Attachments

Product Names Power Source Dust Storage
Bissell 2156A Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Bagless
Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Includes Bag
Eureka NEN110A Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Bagless
Miele Grey Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Includes Bag
Kenmore 81214 200 Series Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Includes Bag
APOSEN Cordless Canister Vacuum Cleaners Rechargeable Battery Bagless
APOSEN Canister Vacuum Cleaners Rechargeable Battery Bagless
Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Includes Bag
Hoover CH30000 Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Bagless
Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaners Electric Cord Includes Bag

 1. Bissell 2156A Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

  • Lightweight kit
  • Smooth carpet tohard floor transition
  • No bag operation
  • 2 Liter dirt cup filter
  • Longer cord

Do you ever wonder why traditional vacuum cleaners are so heavy?

Because you had to carry the entire unit.

But not with the Bissell’s new canister vacuum clear until.

Let me explain why.

The unit has a separate section which carries the dirt cup. The dirt cup itself has 2 liters of capacity. So, that’s enough for your daily cleaning needs.

It’s not that much heavy at all. The overall weight of the vacuum is low and you can take it on your hand any time. 

Moreover, the cleaner has dirt cup filters and post-motor filters. It’s beneficial to have this kind of filter which creates a better cleaning system.

If you are worried about the cord, the vacuum cleaner unit provides you a total length of 15 feet in the cord section.

So, check it out and get your floor and hardwood cleaned in a few minutes.


  • It’s not heavy
  • Provides instant cleaning
  • Longer cord
  • best canister vacuum for carpet
  • Affordable


  • The cord might be a little bit smaller for some situations:

 2. Eureka Mighty Mite Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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Product features:

  • Comes with a dust cup
  • Works on multi-surface
  • Includes Dust Bag
  • All attachment has provided with the package
  • 10 Inch cleaning path

Does it feel like most of the best canister vacuum cleaners lack cord length?

Then , you need the mentioning vacuum cleaner.

The extra-long cord of the Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum cleaner lets you place your vacuum anywhere in your home. 

So, the vacuum cleaner has slots to place the cord to avoid tangles. Thus, you can expand your cord anytime without a hassle.

The whole unit is lightweight. Thus, you don’t have to carry a heavier unit while cleaning your floor.

And do you have a hard floor which needs cleaning?

The Eureka Mighty Mite is enough to provide you faster cleaning even on the hard floor surface.

The dirtbag of the vacuum is easy to uninstall. So, you would get a dirt-free cleaning experience.

Thus, checking out this well-known vacuum would be the best option for you.


  • Durable attachment item
  • Suction adjustment knob
  • Smoother installation
  • Faster to carry
  • Dust blowing features


  • The suction hose is a little bit thinner

 3. Eureka NEN110A Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

  • High power suction
  • Paddle automatic cord rewinding
  • Works on multiple surfaces
  • Advanced filtering system
  • One button dust release

Looking for a modern and convenient vacuum cleaner?

Try out the Eureka NEN110A Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

It has a lightweight body that is simple to carry and does not hurt your back.

Moreover, the additional attachments are also included in the package. So, you don’t have to look for them after purchase.

Therefore, it’s one of the best canister vacuum cleaners for carpet. It provides deep cleaning of the carpet without any issue. 

If you have a hard floor and upholstery, it would work fine on them also.

Therefore, the dust container features an integrating filtering system.

Thus, it provides you with the purification of the dust you collect. The box also features one press dust release button which frees up the dirt without you being messing with them.

The vacuum cleaning control is also at your fingertip and provides you instant options while cleaning any surface.


  • Looks modern and feels lightweight
  • Controlling is located at the hose handle
  • Expandable hose handle
  • Convenient storing of dust
  • No bag required for cleaning


    • The crevice tool is not available

4. Miele Grey Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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Product features:

      • High maneuverability
      • Quiet operation
      • Strong suction
      • Maximum filtering
      • Additional dusting brush

The Miele Grey Classic C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaner kit is a simple and faster way to clean up your carpet and the hard floor surface.

It comes with german engineering technologies and it’s one of the best-bagged canister vacuum that you can ever get.

The vacuum cleaner has lower weights which provides you total convenience while cleaning your floor surface.

Therefore, the vacuum cleaner offers you 6 different modes for operations.

Most of all, you would get a foot switch which works like a charm.

However, the system uses the trademark AirClean system which provides you higher protection on the dust storage. The dust can’t break out of the bag once it’s in. 

The bag opening is tailored to the point so it won’t spill off the floor when you dispose of them.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner also provides you with a long-range cord which scores 29 feet.


      • Long-lasting vacuum cleaning kit
      • Works great on carpet service
      • Footswitch at the bottom
      • Powerful suction motor
      • Secure AirClean bag dust storage


      • You have to buy a beater bar in separate

 5. Kenmore 81214 200 Series Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

      • Enticing HEPA filtering
      • Dual motor mechanism
      • Easy to carry
      • 3 Additional attachments
      • Smooth transition on floor surfaces
      • Longer cord

Imagine having a canister vacuum cleaner that works on multiple applications without any issues.

It would be great right?

Thus, the Kenmore’s new 81214 200 Series Canister Vacuum Cleaners provides you all.

Dual-motor technology makes sure powerful suction of the dust particles. It provides you with 2X more suction than any usual vacuum cleaning unit.

Wheel on the vacuum provides you a smooth transition even on rough floors. So, you won’t have any kind of spot on your hard floor after cleaning the surface.

The vacuum cleaning hose is longer in length than other units. Also, The retractable cord comes with 24′ lights. 

The best thing is the vacuum cleaner offers you such a popular HEPA filter. It reduces the risk of allergies and asthma-related issues.

Thus, storing and disposing of dust is much faster and you don’t have to even touch the dust by hand.


      • Includes wheel in floorhead
      • Does not leave mark on the hardwood
      • HEPA filter avoids issues related to allergies.
      • Works with an additional dusting brush


      • Due to double motor operation, it can be a little bit noisy

 6. APOSEN Cordless Canister Vacuum Cleaners

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Product features:

      • Stronger suction
      • Lightweight kit
      • Lower noise
      • Cordless operation
      • Quicker charging

Getting a versatile vacuum cleaner like the APOSEN Cordless Canister is taught. Because it provides you with different kinds of operation, attachments, and new-age features. And these are rare to find in other kits.

Therefore, the cordless operation features a rechargeable battery. Thus, the charging of the battery is faster and hassle-free.

Want to clean higher hight areas of your house?

Using the vacuum cleaner you can do it like a breeze.

Moreover, the vacuum cleaner features four different height. Thus, you can eliminate or increase the hose handle height with additional attachments.

The filtering system of the vacuum cleaner includes HEPA filtration. Thus, it eliminates all kinds of allergies and other harmful particles.

The storage of the dust is convenient and you can dispose of them with one click and they would go into the dustbin.


      • Features HEPA filtration
      • Adjustable height
      • Detachable battery 
      • Easy to carry anyway
      • Additional equipment included


      • You have to charge the battery for every 3 months

 7. APOSEN Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

      • Energy-efficient cleaning 
      • The powerful suction of 18000PA
      • Ideal for pet hear the cleaning
      • Brushless motor operation
      • Quite a canister vacuum cleaner

Want energy-efficient cleaning? which does not cost a lot of electricity bills? 

The APEOSEN canister vacuum is the most effective option you can get.

It comes with the cordless operation feature.

Thus, you are not bound to the chord length of the unit.

And it takes us to the battery and charging of the vacuum. You can change the vacuum cleaner battery in a shorter time. 

Most users say, the battery lasts longer than any other normal kit.

The whole kit is light on hand. And you can take it anywhere it requires.

However, thanks to the brushless motor. It makes your cleaning process quicker and vibration-free. It also increases the lifetime of your vacuum cleaner.

So, check out the vacuum cleaner now.


      • Battery lasts longer
      • Easy to carry around
      • The motor runs without noise
      • Doesn’t’ consume higher electric energy
      • Includes HEPA filter


      • It does not provide storage options for additional attachment

 8. Miele Classic C1 Turbo Team Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

      • Silent operation
      • 6 Different operation mode
      • Trademarked Turbo brush floorhead
      • Smoother maneuverability
      • Includes additional tools for different cleaning applications

The suction is powerful. Floorhead is nice. So, you don’t have to rip off your floor with spots.

It’s Miele Classic C1 which provides you total convenience on cleaning.

Above all, the vacuum cleaner provides you higher maneuverability all the time.

The HEPA air filtration system also eliminates any allergies or harmful particles. And the bags are secure and don’t let the dust out of it.

The vacuum option provides you six different types of modes. Which one to choose? It depends upon the surface you are cleaning. 

Moreover, the unit also provides you accessories like AirClean filters, floorhead, dusting brush, and more.

Thus, you don’t have to rush for other accessories.

No doubt, It’s one of the best budget canister vacuum cleaning kits.


      • Affordable option
      • Instant suction of dust
      • Secure bag to store dust
      • Comes with additional equipment
      • Filters harmful particles like allergies


      • You have to push a bit while cleaning on the carpet surface

      9. Hoover CH30000 Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

      • Perfect commercial usability
      • Extendable hose
      • High-quality motor
      • Compact design
      • 33′ Stronger cable

Looking for canister vacuum cleaners for commercial cleaning service?

The vacuum cleaner is tough and compact. As a result, it can work day and night non-stop.

I am mentioning Hoover CH30000 Canister Vacuum Cleaners which provides you a compact industrial-grade kit that works great in any situation.

The suction of the vacuum also makes it one of the best kits to use on carpet. So, you won’t have issues using it on carpet.

Electric cable of the vacuum cleaner has longer length. It would let you clean areas which are far away from electrical plugs.

The kit holds perfect 7.4 Amps motors. And it does not create any distracting sound at all. 

Moreover, the kit is lightweight, and lets you carry without any strain on hand.

Additional equipment is also included. So, you can get the most out of the vacuum cleaning kit.


      • Suitable for cleaning surface
      • Longer cord length
      • Provides service for a longer time
      • Does not take bigger space as it has a compact design
      • Low decibel operation


      • Look little bit less modern

 10. Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaners


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Product features:

      • Convenient cleaning system
      • Includes filter to clean air
      • 6 Different operating modes
      • Modern design
      • Includes footswitch

Want a smaller sized vacuum cleaning unit that also looks modern?

Then why look away? Check out the Miele Compact C1 Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

It’s affordable. And Runs longer. 

The quality of the vacuum cleaner is unbeatable at its purchase range. Likewise, the suction and filtering of the dirt provide you a faster process.

So, you don’t have to work longer to clean up your space. Take the vacuum cleaner. Start it up. And place the floorhead and magic happens.

Not to mention, the 6 different operation moods. Getting the optimum output is way simpler for you.

And it also provides you an air filtration system. So, it would also clean out your lovely home. And even your commercial environment.

Moreover, the vortex motor does not create any noise to mess up the environment. The operation is quiet. Most of the time, cleaning process goes on without any destruction.


      • High affordability
      • Modern design
      • Works on different types of service
      • The durable handle is not likely to break
      • Includes a filter bag for dust storage.


      • You may find struggle to work on the thicker carpet surface


Buying Guide

Buying the small canister vacuum cleaner with attachments might seem a little bit dizzy. But I promise you it’s not confusing at all. 

Check out the below-mentioned points before you decide to buy a vacuum cleaner.

Lightweight canister vacuum cleaner

You must agree, classic vacuum cleaners are massive. So, the modern manufacturer eliminates the extra weights of heavy canister vacuum cleaners.

Which is why you should buy a lightweight canister vacuum cleaner. Most of the above-listed vacuum cleaners have lighter weight.

Don’t forget to, check out the weight listing of the product.

If you choose the lightweight vacuum cleaner it would be easy to carry it here and there.

Moreover, cleaning the stairs and other parts of the house would be smooth. 

Works on carpet or not

Look, not all kits are the best vacuum cleaner for carpets. 

Some are great on carpets but others are not.

Which’s why I suggest you check out the “carpet cleaning feature” of the vacuum.

In case you have to clean thick carpet, If the vacuum does not claim that it cleans out the carpet fine, don’t go for it.

On the other side, if you have a flat surface carpet, don’t think a lot about it. Get any of the vacuum cleaners.

Lastly, if you have a thicker surface carpet, choose units like Bissell 2156A Canister Vacuum Cleaners. It would work great.


You can’t deny the fact, most of the vacuum uses a motor to suck dust out of the floor.

But it comes with its benefit and the downside.

As the motor operates, it creates some sort of sound. It depends upon how good the motor is.

Which is why you should always go for a silent vacuum cleaner. Because it would give you silent operation which does not disturb anyone. 

However, if you are looking for a vacuum for a commercial cleaning service, then the sound factor is not an issue at all.

So, choose your vacuum cleaner with motor quality in mind. 

Wheel at Floorhead

It seems a minor factor, isn’t it?

While the floorhead does not have any wheel, it might damage the floor or leave a mark on it.

It’s not the case all the time, but you should be careful about it.

The fact is, most vacuum cleaners do not offer you a wheel at floorhead. But kits like Kenmore 200 Series Canister Vacuum Cleaners offer you the convenience.

HEPA Filter

The HEPA filter is one of the most popular filters which eliminates all kinds of allergies which can also create issues in our health. 

It also makes sure that you won’t get any problem while cleaning the floor of your house.

Bag or bagless canister vacuum cleaner

Some vacuum cleaners offer you bags to store the dust. But on the other hand, some kits provide you bagless technologies.

In bagless technology, you won’t need to buy and replace additional bags. Instead, the built-in filter would purify the dust and store it. And then with one tap, the dust would get into the dustbin without your hand contact. 


The above-listed products range in two categories. Once is cordless(Battery) and other relays on the electrical cord which they are connected to.

Most of the cordless vacuum cleaners depend upon their battery. And these batteries are rechargeable and stay on for a long time. 

The best part?

It won’t restrict you into the zone of the cord’s reach. Instead, you can carry the vacuum cleaner and take it anywhere in your house and start cleaning without any hassle.

For your convenience, I have listed the cordless or corded units at the start. You can check it out.


What’s the best canister vacuum with a motorized head?

Answer: Not all vacuum cleaners offer you the option to have a motor on the floor head. But you can choose the Kenmore 200 Series Vacuum Cleaner which gives you a motor at the floorhead.

Which is the best budget canister vacuum cleaner?

Answer: If you are short on your budget, but don’t want to compromise on quality, go for Bissell 2156A. Because it provides you with affordability and great futility at once.

How to get the best canister vacuum for pets?

Answer: To get the best vacuum for pets hair, you should look at the vacuum suction capability and the floor head. It would give you an idea of which one you should choose.

Can you recommend which one would work as the best canister vacuum for hardwood floors?

Answer: If you have hardwood floors, vacuum kits like APOSEN Cordless Canister Vacuum Cleaners would work like a breeze.

Would it be essential to get a Hepa filter included canister vacuum?

Answer: If you or any of your family members have any issue related to dust or allergies, having a HEPA filter in your vacuum would help a lot. Cause, it let you and others out of the allergens of the dust with built-in HEPA filtration.


If you want to get a small canister vacuum with attachments, choosing the right one is the key. 

Once you have one, cleaning dust from the floor would be a hell lot of easy for you.

It would provide you less energy consumption, and avoid contact with the dust.

Moreover, it would keep the envelopment clean and it would be safe to stay on. 

But are you stuck in your budget? You can choose the Bissell 2156A Canister Vacuum Cleaners.

So, take the action and get the vacuum cleaner which is perfect for you.

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