How To Clean Tao Toothbrush Holder – Step by Step Process

Does the question of how to clean TAO toothbrush holder bother you all the time? Thus, today we will show you the process to clean out your toothbrush holder. Doing so you will get a much cleaner toothbrush holder that will provide you with better performance over time.

You could clean the TAO toothbrush holder with any micro-fiber cloth and antibacterial solution. If you don’t have any of them, buy these products online or nearby store. Afterward, clean up your TAO toothbrush holder with care. It won’t take more than 2 to 3 minutes.

What is A TAO Toothbrush Holder?

The TAO toothbrush holder is a unique way to store your toothbrush. Some people may call it TAO Toothbrush Sanitizer. In simple words, It lets you place your sonic toothbrush upside down. Perhaps, it saves your toothbrush head from all sorts of nasty splashes in your bathroom. In addition, it also offers UV lighting to kill off all germs from your toothbrush. 

All in all, the TAO toothbrush holder is a great option for any hygienic person. However, cleaning out the TAO toothbrush holder might seem a difficult task to come upon. But with proper instruction, you could do it as well.

How To Clean Tao Toothbrush Holder

Below are the steps you need to follow to clean the TAO toothbrush holder without any issues. It’s a simple and easy to follow tutorial. Have a check on it.

Step 1: Plug out any electric connection to the TAO toothbrush holder.

Step 2: Take a microfiber cloth and make some antibacterial solution.

Step 3: Clean out the exterior of the TAO toothbrush holder with proper care.

Step 4: Then carefully clean out the inside of the structure.

Step 5: Lastly, take a dry cloth and clean everything off right away.

Writes Note: While cleaning the internal part of the TAO toothbrush holder, always be careful with it. To be specific, you don’t want to damage the internal UV lighting system at all. 


In the end, that’s the process of how to clean TAO toothbrush holder. It’s much simpler and easier than other electrical toothbrush sets. You only need to be careful about the cleaning process. Because without proper care the water might damage the TAO toothbrush holder easily.

Apart from that, you must clean out the toothbrush holder regularly. It will make your toothbrush holder look cleaner. Plus, you will get better output out of the toothbrush holder. So, make sure you follow the instructions and clean out your toothbrush holder when needed. 

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