Can Bathroom Tile Be Painted?(Explained in Simple Words)

Looking at bathroom tiles, you might think, can bathroom tiles be painted or not? Moreover, painting on the tiles looks more affordable and a simpler process to go on. Many of us want to go about it. Today we are going to explain the whole thing in detail.

Bathroom tile can be painted and it could stay for a longer time. Plus, it has several sparks when compared to other options. It’s a lot easier to clean up a painted bathroom for re-painting as well.

We get to see a lot of new bathroom tile paint ideas over different platforms. Because painting tiles can also give you the option to experiment with paints. Plus, it’s easy to scrape off the paint when you want. Let’s talk more about it right now.

In-Depth Answer: Can Bathroom Tile Be Painted?

Yes, bathroom tiles can be painted. But the catch is the tile must be suitable for the paint. Hence, most bathroom tiles are paintable except the glazed quarry tile. At the same time, you need a long-term process where you need to prepare your bathroom tiles for painting.


During the bathroom tile painting, your bathroom can be unsuitable for up to 3 weeks. In addition, you must be aware of the benefits and drawbacks of painting bathroom tiles. But overall, it’s doable and affordable for most of the house. You only need a little bit of preparation regarding it.

Benefits Of Painting Bathroom Tile

You have some clear benefits of painting bathroom tiles. These will convince you to paint your bathroom tiles. So, let’s get started learning about its benefits.

 Affordable: Painting bathroom tile is far more affordable compared to other options. The painting process is hassle-free and easy to master as well. 

-Flexible: Going for different types of patterns and appearance is a lot easier with tile paint. Whether it’s a simple solid color painting or other tile painting is a lot more flexible.

Simple to Maintain: When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, tile painting is the only way to go. Because it offers a simpler texture which makes it easy for you to clean out all the dirt off the wall.

Down Side Of Painting Tiles

You have some sort of drawbacks while painting tiles. You must keep these points in mind when you are preparing to paint tiles. 

It Takes Time: As we have mentioned before, painting bathroom tiles takes a lot of preparation. Plus, your bathroom will not be usable for a long time. Which is why you need to have alternative options available all the time. 

Needs Proper Skill: Without proper skill in painting bathroom tiles you should not get in. In cases when you need support, better contact professionals who are best at their painting job.

 How To Prepare The Tile Surface For Painting

When it comes to preparing the tile surface, you have quite a few processes. First off, you need to scrub off all the existing paint and dust from the tiles. Moreover, you need to make sure you clean out the tile surface as efficiently as possible.

After you clean out the dust and paints you could start painting on it. However, you must follow a certain process to paint your bathroom tiles.

 Steps On Painting High Moisture Area

You need to use stronger water-resistant paint for high-moisture areas. Like, some of the bathroom surfaces get higher water exposure compared to other places. For example, areas near the shower area are more likely to get moisture buildup.


Hence, with the best quality moisture-resistant painting, you could avoid these sorts of problems right away. This is why choosing the right kind of painting is the most important step while painting your bathroom tile.

What Are The Best Paint Types For Bathroom 

In total, you have only two types of paint for bathroom tiles. These are acrylic and epoxy paint. Both of them are great for painting on tiles. But one is better for certain types of bathrooms.


Acrylic paints are great for tiles which are Natural stone tiles. On the other hand, if your bathroom has mold and high moisture, epoxy paint is the best. Epoxy paints are best to resist moisture and humidity in bathrooms.


 Can We Paint Over Tiles That Have Already been Painted

Painting over already painted tiles is possible and a great option. Because it’s fairly easy to scrap the already-painted texture on bathroom tiles. It’s simple and takes less time to complete as well.


As a plus point, you don’t have to always scrape off the whole bathroom area. First, look for the areas where the paint has torn off. Then you could scrap that specific part and start painting over it. 


 How Long do Bathroom Tiles Last?

When you properly use the best paint for bathroom tile, it could last for around 4 to 5 years or so. However, you should check out for inconsistencies and cracks on your painted tiles. Once you find a crack, make sure you take action and fix the cracked portion.


 What Are The Alternative To Painting Bathroom Tiles

When talking about other bathroom tiles, you have several options. For example, you could use marble, PVC panels, stone resin, and others. These are one of the popular alternatives to so-called bathroom tiles painting.



Here are the questions you need to have a look at.

 What is the best waterproof paint for shower tiles?

Paints such as the Rust-Oleum Specialty Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit are one of the best solutions. These paints are easy to put on and stay in place as well.


 What’s the process for painting bathroom tile floors?

First, you need to clean up the floor with proper steps. Afterward, you need to apply the core and top coat one after another. Once done, apply a sealer coat at the end. And it would be fine after you let it dry.



That’s our take on the questions like can bathroom tile be painted or not. Hence, you should paint your bathroom tile with a verified process. With a better process, your paint will stay in place for a longer time. 


So, in simple words, painting bathroom tiles is a completely feasible option to go on. So, take the right option and go on to create the perfect tile painting.


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