Can Bathroom Lights Be On A Shared Circuit? Is It Safe?

While we were building our dream bathroom interior project, we had one highlighting question. We all asked ourselves can bathroom lights could be on a shared circuit. But it was a bit messy to decide upon. Today we are going to learn about it in detail with an easy to understand style.


No, bathroom lights can’t be on a shared circuit. You need to use a separate circuit in place for each different lighting fixture. The regulations also clearly state it when it comes to bathroom wiring settings.


Doing bathroom wire setup in the right way will lead you to lower maintenance costs as well. Plus, it would help you avoid any potential problems with electrical wiring as well. It’s a must for you to learn if you are a DIY electrical guy. Let’s start right now.

Answer On: Can Bathroom Lights Be On A Shared Circuit

According to the regulations, you need to have at least two separate circuits for your electrical lines. So, you could not have both bathroom lights. This is why you should place your lighting and switches on separate circuits.

More About Bathroom Lighting Circuit Requirements

When it comes to the NEC bathroom electrical regulations, you must have one lighting fixture on your circuit. In other instances, you could place lighting in different positions. For example, places like showers and mirrors may have their separate lighting. 


To be specific, the newest regulations require you to add two different kinds of circuit. One is for the lighting circuit and the other one is for an outlet. In short, it’s the regulation you must follow when building your new bathroom settings.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Setting

Depending on your community and the regulations, you may need to place a window or exhaust fan into your bathroom settings. Moreover, it’s better to have an exhaust fan if the window is not big enough at all.


Moreover, make sure your exhaust fan is water-proof if it gets regular water exposure. It would provide you the assurance of the long life of your exhaust fan. As an exhaust fan improves air quality in your bathroom, it’s a must-have in the newest residential areas.


Here are the questions you need to keep in mind.


 Can 2 Bathrooms Be On The Same Circuit?

No, you need to build different circuits for each of the bathrooms in your house. Moreover, these circuits should be separate and independent as well. 


Can The Bathroom Exhaust Fan Be On The Same Circuit As The Lights?

Yes, you could place the exhaust fan on the lighting circuits without any issues. Even the regulation doesn’t specify any issue regarding the exhaust fan on the lighting circuit. Because an exhaust fan takes a lot less loads to cause any future issues.



We have given you the answer to the burning question, can bathroom lights be on a shared circuit? And now you know, it’s not recommended. It’s a clear no. You need to set up a seperate lighting circle for each one.


Either way, you build your bathroom electrical wiring always following the NEC regulations. Doing so will make sure you get the perfect electrical setup that doesn’t cause any headache at all.


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