Best Webcam for Video Conferencing

The best webcam for video conferencing is the future weapon of communication. Because with a quality webcam you can be more visible at conferences illustrating your thoughts. Right now, I will show you the list of the best webcams for a better conference experience. 

We all know, the best streaming camera would be a game-changer for you and your team. 

But you might want sure about which one is the best and how to choose one.  I will demonstrate it below.

In the article, you would also find buying guides and answers to your most asked questions on FAQs.

I guarantee you, finding the best kit would not take more than 2 or 3 minutes.

So, let’s start the countdown with the No.1 webcam.

10 Best Webcam for Video Conferencing

Product Names Camera Angle Camera Resolution
Logitech 960-000971 Webcam  90-degree 1080p
Microsoft 7ND-00012 Webcam  90-degree 1080p
Logitech 960-001105 Webcam  90-degree 1080p/ 720p
Razer RZ19-02320100-R3U1 Webcam 90-degree 1080p /720p
Genius 32200213101 Webcam  120-degree 1080p 

 1. Logitech 960-000971 Webcam

Logitech 960-000971 Webcam 

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Product Features: 

  • Perfect webcam for a business meeting
  • Has 30 frames per second input
  • Provides 90-degree video capture
  • Records 1080 HD clear video
  • Works with USB connection

Webcams are the only weapon for your better conferencing experience in the web world.

On this spot, I am talking about Logitech’s reliable 960-000971 Webcam.

It provides you a greater range of facilities to let you conformance and live stream without any issues.

The webcam captures exceptional video with 1080p HD quality. And it’s simple yet does great jobs for you.

It’s moreover the best webcam for zoom meetings.

The compatibility of the webcam is on the top. Because it runs with a USB cable which is a convenient option to go.

The placement of the webcam is universal. Thus, you can put it on your computer top or tripod.

Moreover, the angle you get on the webcam is 90 degrees. and it would be enough for you as it won’t cover a wider area and the focus would be on you.

Thus, you must check it out for sure.


  • Autofocus options
  • Audio input feature
  • Runs smoothly with lower bandwidth
  • Compatible to work with all computers
  • Windows Plug and play feature


  • Has compatibility issues with MS Surface Pro 3

2. Microsoft 7ND-00012 Webcam 

Microsoft 7ND-00012 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Compact sizings
  • Provides real-time 720p HD quality
  • Auto-focusing feature
  • Has self brightness fixing features
  • Provides widescreen video capture for large rooms

If you want a smaller and compact webcam kit, it’s the right piece.

The Microsoft 7ND-00012 Webcam provides you a really convenient and cheaper option for your conference call.

The webcam comes from Microsoft, the creator of Windows. And the unit works great with any Windows computer. also provides you 720p HD video capture.

In addition to video capture, it also provides you with Autofocusing technology. So, you would be in focus no matter which distance you are sitting in. Be sure to not sit too far.

And you might find it difficult to balance brightness on online web conferences. The webcam also provides you the option to fix the brightness and overexposure of your area in an automatic way. Thus, you don’t have to toggle the setting and the angle to get the perfect screen.

Therefore, the unit also provides you the option to capture a wider screen video.


  • Doesn’t give any compatibility issue 
  • Focuses on you in an automatic way
  • Has to option to fix coloring
  • Provides smoother video recording
  • Size is smaller and sits of desktop and laptop 


  • Works with 720p video quality

 3. Logitech 960-001105 Webcam 

Logitech 960-001105 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Provides 4K recording sensor
  • Works with Windows 10, MAC
  • Has software compatibility for xsplit and obs
  • Five times zooming capacity
  • Automatic exposure fixing

If you are searching for the best webcam for streaming on pc, the following unit is the option for you.

It’s a power pack unit that lets you capture at least 4K resolution video. Thus, it makes a perfect kit to stream from computers for business conferences.

The person on the other side of the computer would see you with clear details.

As you would expect, the webcam provides you exposure and lighting enhancement. Thus, it would make sure you look as professional as possible on the screen.

Worried about compatibility?

The compatibility of the unit on top. It has features to let you use it on your Windows and MAC computers. 

When talking about streaming software, it can work with most of the streaming software and the most popular on the OBS. So, you can stream online without any interruption.

Right webcam means business.


  • High-quality video recording
  • Stable stand
  • Lets you zoom in and out while you are on webcam
  • Doesn’t provide any compatible issues even with MAC
  • Perfect for business predestination
  • Provides sharp and high contrast video capture


  • Little bit pricey

 4. Razer RZ19-02320100-R3U1 Webcam 

Razer RZ19-02320100-R3U1 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Well known USA based manufacturer
  • The built-in additional lighting sensor
  • Faster brightness controlling 
  • Suitable to work on lower light condition
  • Compact sized webcam
  • Works with 30 and 60 FPS settings

Ever worried about the lighting you have to arrange on web conference?

Don’t worry the Razer RZ19-02320100-R3U1 Webcam is here to rescue you out.


Because it comes with a built-in right light. The lighting of the webcam gives you an even contrast footage.

Thus, you would look much brighter and cleaner at your conference. 

In fact, if you are in a low light environment, don’t need to open up the window or manage extra lighting equipment. The camera itself is enough to capture all detail and light it up so you look clean all the time.

Moreover, the unit is compact and does a great job recording high-quality videos. 

Also, the cam would provide you two video recording settings for your convenience.

Overall it’s a killer pack as a webcam.


  • Built-in lighting
  • Works great on low lighting
  • Fits well on a desktop monitor
  • Provides two resolution option
  • Bezel for real-time brightness control


  • Doesn’t offer a built-in dynamic background removal feature

 5. Genius 32200213101 Webcam 

Genius 32200213101 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Provides 120-degree wide-angle
  • Provides option to capture video on 1080p 
  • Works on larger rooms
  • Works on 30 FPS
  • Has built-in Stereo microphone
  • Stable base

The following webcam can be a gamechanger for you If you are willing to have a wider angle webcam.

The webcam from Genius’s 32200213101, provides you compete smacking 120 degrees wide-angle capture. 

Thus, the unit is the best conference room camera you can get.

If you have some other team members or need wider space to show up things, the webcam would work great.

The video input of the webcam comes with a 1080p full HD recording.

It also runs on 30 FPS. However, if you’re a big fan of 60 FPS recording, you won’t get it on the piece.

Moving on, the unit also provides you higher resolution and sharper image capturing. Thus, your video conferencing would be great and you can have a conference which exceeds all expectations.


  • Wider angle recording
  • Smooth workflow even in low bandwidth system
  • Cleaner video capture
  • Suitable to stream on larger rooms
  • Provides enough space around you


  • Doesn’t work for 60 FPS settings

6. Logitech 960-001075 Webcam 

Logitech 960-001075 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Works with USB plug and play features
  • Frees up bandwidth with in-camera video processing
  • Provides you, the angel of 78-degree, while recording
  • Easier options to place the unit on the computer monitor screen
  • Kayser installation options

Now comes another Logitech beast which is the 960-001075 Webcam.

The unit provides you greater capturing of video with 1080p HD standard which would provide you higher quality video all the time.

In case you are thinking about the higher video that would put your system in lag, the camera has the solution.  

It processes the video inside the camera before inserting it into the internet feed. So, your system would run smoother all the time and it won’t provide you any kind of lagging.

The following webcam is providing you the 78 degree limited angle recording. Well, in most of the solo business conferences, the angle doesn’t matter. But if you are all together then you might consider a wider angle.


  • High-quality video output
  • Automatic Brightness control
  • Several mounting options
  • Provides in-built microphone for vice capture
  • Instant camera shutter control for better privacy


  • Only provide you 78-degree video capturing

 7. AUSDOM 並行輸入品 Webcam 

AUSDOM 並行輸入品 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Higher compatibility options with OS and standards Filters
  • Faster installation of the unit with Plug and play features
  • Lets you rotate the camera base for up to 360 degree
  • Higher definition video recording
  • Clearer capturing of the video even in the low light
  • The base is suitable to use with a tripod

When you are craving for the quality on the best webcam for conference calls, you must check units like these ones.

The following unit has more user-friendly hardware to provide you the better recording.

You can place the webcam on a computer monitor and or tripod the camera would work great as it gets.

Thus, the unit provides you 360-degree angle recording. Because you can twist the camera-base to any angle you want.

And it has higher compatibility with software and operating systems. They are also ranked high as the best webcam for zoom meetings.

So, you must check the webcam out now.


  • Provides all angle recording
  • User-friendly hardware
  • Does not disrupt the video flow
  • Provides auto-brightness correction
  • Instant usage option with USB 2 and 3 compatibility


  • Doesn’t provide built-in lights

 8. MEVO MV2-01A-BL Webcam 

MEVO MV2-01A-BL Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Perfect webcam for streaming on the web
  • Provides 150-degree angle real-time video recording
  • Work with 4K video recording standard
  • Has built-in 802.11ac Wifi cheapest
  • Provides options to manage the scene with cut, zoom, and pan

If you are going for a professional conference with software like Zoom and skype, the following webcam is a must of you.


let me explain.

The unit is one of the best webcams for conference calls as it provides you wireless connectivity.

It records video in standard 1080p with rich camera sensors.

It has special compatibility features so you can also stream on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, and even Twitch.

And you would also get an android mobile app to let you control the real-time zoom, pan, and the cropping of the video.

Thus, the unit provides you faster recording with it’s high-performing Wifi chipset mechanism.


  • Works with multiple conformance software
  • Gives high-quality video output
  • Smother video with less noise
  • Provides you the option to attach the extra sound recorder
  • Is compatable with multiple platforms


  • Needs at least 3 Mbps stable internet connection

9. Owl Labs Store MTW200-1000 Webcam 

Owl Labs Store MTW200-1000 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Comes with a built-in speaker
  • Provides all 360-degree video recording
  • Perfect for large rooms recording
  • Has a smart meeting room feature
  • Automatic speaker focus option

If you are a serious corporate person looking for a conference camera for your team meeting, it’s the best bet for you.

The following Owl Labs Store MTW200-1000 Webcam lets you place the unit in the middle of your meeting table.

That’s it.

Now plug and play the unit and it would automatically focus on the speaking person around.

The person on the other end would be able to see all of the employees around it and the smart mic would focus only on the person who’s speaking. 

neat right?

Moreover, it’s an upgraded version of the previous meeting Owl Pro and provides a 2x clearer image and louder voice.

The unit runs with a plug-and-play feature and you don’t have to install anything. 

The input of the video works with a 360-degree angle and captures 1080p video so your strategic team meeting hits the bullseye every time.


  • Exception meeting environment capture
  • Focuses on the speaking person
  • Lets you option to see all person at once
  • Speaker provides rich and dynamic sound
  • Sits in the middle of the table and doesn’t need any extra component


  • Bit expensive

 10. Microsoft 5WH-00002 Webcam 

Microsoft 5WH-00002 Webcam  

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Product Features: 

  • Provides vivid and higher quality video recording
  • Has widescreen video recording sensor
  • Works with standard 1080 HD video camera input
  • Autofocusing on you without any setting tweaking
  • Has a built-in microphone kit

Here comes Microsoft’s other webcam unit with high-quality recording.

The following webcam provides you a great base to place the unit on top of the desktop, laptop, and tripods.

Starting with the performance, the unit lets you capture video in HD quality. And you can use the video resolution of 1080p and 720p. So, you can manage the bandwidth load according to your net connection.

The unit provides you with a built-in microphone. And it works great to capture the natural sound without giving any kind of noise.

Thereby the unit provides you with built-in technology to manage the color of the video and make it more vivid and clear.

As it comes from Microsoft, the unit is certified to work with any of the business enterprise communication software platforms such as skype and Office360 and the list goes on.


  • Has a stable base
  • Provides an accurate focus on you
  • Clear out potential noise effects
  • Smoother working experience with dual resolution options
  • Certified for all Microsoft enterprise communication solution platforms
  • With the True color feature, it autocorrects the color of the video.


  • Doesn’t not compatible with Linux operating system

Buying Guide About Best Webcam for Video Conferencing

Choosing the best webcam for conference calls is way more simple if you know the below-mentioned points. It would help you to sort out the webcam which works best and provides you with proper performance.

Camera Input resolution


Depending upon the camera video input capacity your recording quality and performance will change.

In the mentioned webcams you have noticed, most of the camera offers you 740p and 1080p started recording.

While the 1080p device provides you with cleaners’ video but it still needs much more internet bandwidth to run smoothly.

In case your internet connection is not always in a stable position, you should check out devices with 720p recording.

Either way has advantages and disadvantages. It’s you who would decide which one to go for.

Camera Base

With the camera base, I am referring to the clipping the webcam stands on. In case you are looking for the best webcam for streaming on pc, check out the base. Is it compatible to sit on your desktop monitor?

By checking it out, you don’t miss the crucial aspect that your camera should be standing still in its position all the time.

If the base is not suitable to work on your computer monitor, you may face a problem conducting your meeting.


Computer Desk showing system capability

Compatibility is not a big issue in particular in newer devices. But you should still check out the compatibility before you put your hand on the webcam. 

If you are using Windows or Mac check it out if it’s compatible with your, for example, “Windows 10”.

On the other hand, if you use Linux you must check the compatibility because many of the webcams don’t support Linux OS in particular Microsoft’s one.

Built-in lightings and microphone

Oh, it’s an amazing thing to have on a webcam.


Because, when you have built-in lighting, you don’t have to worry about the brightness of the place you are concerned.

A built-in light would even the exposure and darker areas making your web conferencing a game-changer. 

If you are a big fan of built-in lighting, you can check out Razer RZ19-02320100-R3U1 Webcam. It has the right light built in it and real-time brightness adjusting Bazzle.

 lense Angle vs Flexible base?

Camera Angle vs Flexible base

When you are thinking of the angle of the camera, make sure to consider one thing. Are you a solo businessman who wants to connect with your team, any lance around the 60-degree mark is enough.

On the other hand, if you need more space around you to demonstrate your tactic or anything, the wide lance can help you out. Some webcam like Owl Labs Store MTW200-1000 Webcam offers you 360-degree capturing and it’s beneficial if you have team members around you.

In case you want a flexible rotating head of the camera, check out AUSDOM 並行輸入品 Webcam. It provides you the option to just rotate the camera base with you and to any position. That’s how you can direct the camera to any location if you need it.

FAQs About 

What is the best webcam for streaming on pc?

Answer: If you are working on a PC and need a webcam right away, choose Logitech 960-001105 Webcam. It sits on a desktop monitor fine and provides you high compatibility with Windows and Mac.


best video conference camera for a large room?

Answer: Have a large room? No worries for you. Choose Genius 32200213101 Webcam. It has a wide-angle camera lens to cover up your large room and your teammate as well.


 Which one would be the best budget webcam?

Answer: Fall short on budget? I have a quality yet cheap webcam for you. It’s Microsoft 7ND-00012 Webcam. Works great, clear video, and falls under your budget as well.

Which unit would be the best conference room camera?

Answer: If you have a conference room and a bunch of team members to sit at a table, Owl Labs Store MTW200-1000 Webcam is the ultimate solution. It captures 360-degree footage to cover up the room, you, and your teammates as well.


The best webcam for video conferencing would be the greatest tool from 2020 onwards. The COVID-19 situation has affected the whole world and now an online meeting is the ultimate way of communication.

Don’t fall behind with only audio communication. Even a low-quality video webcam, not an option.

A great webcam would let you increase your business potential by 2x.

Moreover, if you are working from home, it’s the best investment that you can consider.

Still, falling short to decide?

Cut all doubts and choose Logitech 960-000971 Webcam. It’s the best deal from all perspectives.

Now, go for it and make it the best conference in your life.

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