Best Hidden Camera for Home Surveillance

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And you have to admit; a proper hidden camera set works as a great replacement for high pricey home security systems.

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Best Hidden Camera for Home Surveillance

Product Name Motion Sensor Communication
SIRGAWAIN G007 Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Wireless 
DZFtech Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Wireless 
Puoneto Q15 Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Wireless 
Hugum HDV-201LM Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Wireless 
ehomful 858801 Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Offline
OUCAM OUCAM-P1 Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Online
LUOHE LUOHE-TOP-BK Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Online
MCSTREE Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Offline
WNAT Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Online
OUCAM Wireless Hidden Camera Yes Online

 1. SIRGAWAIN G007 Wireless Hidden Camera

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Product Features:

  • High-quality HD video output
  • Can record 24/7 without any issues
  • Has a motion sensor
  • Compact and smaller design
  • Works with 32GB Micro SD card 

Who doesn’t want a smaller and compact looking hidden camera? And the best part is its a completely wireless device.

Thus, the camera kit has a smaller dimension so you can place it anywhere. The kit’s design makes it great to have camouflage in any place of your house.

Thus, it’s cost lesser and does not bloat up in price like any home surveillance system.

The unit can sense motion. It means the camera would start recording when any movements happen in front of it.

However, If you want, you can have a 24/7 recording with a charger connected.

Thus, the better life of the unit has great potential for longer recording.

The unit can work with a 32GB SD card so you can have better storage of your recorded footage in your house.

So, you must check the unit out for your home surveillance. 


  • Compact design
  • Not easy to detect
  • Stays on any surface
  • Multipurpose
  • Provides wireless operation


  • You have to keep it in charge to record 24/7 continuously


 2. DZFtech Wireless Hidden Camera

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Product Features:

  • Records in 1080P HD video
  • Offers you motion detection
  • Charges via USB cable
  • Works with Micro SD cards
  • Continues Loop video recording

If you are a fan of convenient and great working wireless hidden cameras, then you should check out the following one.

On the DZFtech Wireless Hidden Camera, you would get a high-quality recording. It means you can place the kit in your house and record video in several resolutions.

It would help you keep survilancing your home without using any costly surveillance system.

Have no cable?

The unit operates without using any cable. 

However, you have to charge the camera before placing it anywhere for recording.

It provides you a notification whenever it detects any movement in the camera. 

And it leads you to the special app for the camera. Using the app you can monitor and check the video feedback and control the camera.

The unit may emit some heat while using but it’s pretty much minor to consider.


  • Compact looking
  • Provides easy to understand manual
  • Keeps recording even if the micro SD card is full
  • Better price against money
  • Can be used for multiple purposes


  • It can release heat through the usage and it’s considered to be normal


 3. Puoneto Q15 Wireless Hidden Camera

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Product Features:

  • Provides proper surveillance security
  • The latest unit from the manufacturer
  • Small-sized unites
  • Includes 4K Night vision recording
  • Has high quality better in it

Are you worried about how you can place any hidden camera at your house?

The Puoneto Q15 Wireless Hidden Camera solves it for you.

It has a magnetic body that lets you attach the unit to any metallic surface you can imagine.

Therefore, the recording of the camera comes with several options including the high-resolution 4K recording.

Therefore, the sizing of the camera is smaller and it lets you hide it in the right place.

the recording of the camera is also wider. And you can get more insight into any area of your house.

The camera is one of the best high quality hidden security cameras.

It lets you get a notification on it.

You would also get a free app with the camera package. 

It would provide you real-time video recording output on your mobile screen. So, checking out this unit is crucial.


  • Lesser in size
  • Does not heat up when using
  • Detects motion in no time
  • Offers you manual censer sensitivity option
  • The built-in battery lets you use the camera for 6 hours


  • It has a blick point which you may need to seal for better camouflage


 4. Hugum HDV-201LM Wireless Hidden Camera



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Product Features:

  • Provides Wider viewing angle of 150-degree
  • Easy visibility even in low light
  • Lets you get the alarm via mobile phone
  • Has magnet at the back
  • Multipurpose unit

Are you looking for a service hidden camera which can catch a wider area of your house?

Wouldn’t it be great?

Yes, you can get it on the Hugum’s new HDV-201LM WiFi wireless hidden camera.

It provides you a wider angle of 150 degrees and it won’t create any blind spots while recording.

The camera quality, it’s up to the standard.

Because it provides you with high-resolution HD video recording with a 1080P standard. 

It features 6 hidden infrared lights, so it can record things even at night times. You would get to see movement and what’s happening in very clear visuals.

Just like the previous unit, the camera features a magnet at the back. Thus, it lets you stick the unit to any iron surface you have at your house.

The unit is one of the best motion activated spy cameras. The motion detection of the camera lets you get a direct response whenever you are. 

You would get the alerts within seconds on your mobile phone.


  • Records visuals on higher quality
  • Lets you stick the camera to any magnet surface
  • Has 6 hidden infrared lights
  • Also works when there is no wifi available
  • Offers you 24/7 video recording


  • The instruction manual is a little bit hard to understand. 


 5. ehomful 858801 Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • Small and compact sizings
  • Easy to understand settings
  • Provides you to store the videos on Micro SD Card
  • The design is made to easy to decent
  • Works even in the night time

Home surveillance was not so easy without a kit like the ehomful 858801 wireless hidden camera kit.

Thus, the camera provides you compact sizing so you can place it anywhere on your home.

The design is made to not to detect the camera unit with easy glace. Thus, you would have a better observation of your house and day to day incidents.

However, the camera can record your video in high-quality resolution. 

The design and settings of the scars are basic and easy to understand.

It works with an SD card for storage and the slot is easy to insert.

You can access the video footage via your computer or your mobile device.

Not to mention, the camera would also work even if there is no wifi available. And you would get recorded even if the internet signal is getting away.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount on any place
  • Better monitoring with motion sensor
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • The app can be accessed by different users


  • It does not offer you remote access. You have to access it via your computer


 6. OUCAM OUCAM-P1 Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • Lets you view the camera literary from anywhere
  • Smaller sizings for convenient placement
  • Provides your magnetic back for better mounting
  • Better visibility even in the night time
  • Lets you record footage for 24/7

Now you can have a better service without any costly home surveillance system. Because you can get kits like the OUCAM OUCAM-P1 hidden indoor security camera.

It provides you a great setup of surveillance on your house with a smaller dimension. The diameter of the camera is 1.55 which is enough to provide you with a compact-sized camera.

A wider angle of 150 degrees makes it a much stronger unit for home surveillance.

The best part is that you can watch the current time video recording with your phone. And you can get the video from anywhere. 

The unit also lets you use the power bank for additional charging when you go outside.

The camera records a better image even in lower lights and you can monitor any space of your housing without worrying about the lighting.


  • Lower dimension
  • Provides you four working moods
  • Works with SD card
  • Provide you additional accessories
  • Has a magnetic base for better mounting


  • Need additional power bank for longer recording when it runs on a built-in battery


 7. LUOHE LUOHE-TOP-BK Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • Provides you wireless operation
  • Also works as a USB charger for smartphones
  • Provides you 128 GB SD Card storage capacity
  • Lets you check out up to 8 camera at a time
  • Streams you the current recording

What if you could use a smart charger as a spy camera? It’s a fantastic idea.

And in the LUOHE LUOHE-TOP-BK professional spy camera, you would get the facilities of it.

The unit looks like a mobile charger.

But it’s actually a hidden camera built-in.

The unit has two USB charging slots on it and it works great just like any other charger. 

The most interesting part, it has a hidden camera in the middle of this two USD charging slots.

The recording of the video is crisp clear and provides you an in-depth recording.

These recordings would go into your mobile phone using remote connectivity.

Although the camera has a lesser angle of 90-degree, it has higher camouflage and provides you better surveillance.

If you want, the unit would run without WiFi and store the data on the SD card.


  • Provides better camouflage
  • Does not provide any indication of recording
  • Unique design
  • Works as a smartphone charger
  • Provides digital evidence on motion detection your phone


  • You have to always place the unit on a charging electric plug

8. MCSTREE Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • Wireless operation
  • Extra-wide 160-degree recordings for better insight
  • Provides you night vision recording
  • Works as a USB charging outlet

If you are a fan of wide-angle lenses, then the following unit provides you high smack 160-degree angle recording. So, you won’t miss any of the spots on your home.

And you would get 4K recording and it provides you clear videos in every second.

You can access the real-time video from your phone from any place you want.

The unit also works as a USB charger. Thus it needs to stay connected to an electric outlet and does not have any battery in it.

However, the unit still provides you better camouflage when it comes to the wireless hidden camera aspect.

It does not indicate a recording video. And no one ever would recognize the operation. 

You can store the video on the SD card if you want to run the unit offline.


  • Better camouflage 
  • No signal of recording the video
  • Works as a USB charger
  • An extra-wide angle of recording
  • Higher quality recording


  • Can’t operate without an electric plug


 9. WNAT Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • The high-quality motion detection system
  • Multipurpose wireless hidden camera
  • Also lets you monitor in the lower lightning
  • Real-time recording
  • Offers 180 days standby time

When you want to protect your house with a hidden indoor security camera, the following kit would help you a lot. It’s a non-functioning fire detection unit which provides great clamofludge. And no one would suspect it as a hidden camera.

The unit provides you high-quality video recording and standby time of 160 days.

It has an advanced “RIP human and animal movement” detection system. When it detects any human or animal movement it would automatically record the scene.

And it would send the video recording to your mobile phone. Thus, it can also store video visuals on the SD card if you don’t want to use it with Wifi.

It has loop recording features, where it override the previous recording to keep recording video.

It has a longer-lasting battery to provide you with better operations.


  • Works as a great camouflage with fake fire detection alarm unit
  • Has wider angle recording
  • Advanced human motion detection
  • Provides signals on any motion detection
  • The multipurpose hidden camera unit


  • Little bit expensive


 10. OUCAM Wireless Hidden Camera


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Product Features:

  • Offers Live audio feedback
  • Higher quality 1880 HD video recording
  • Real-time video stream via mobile 
  • Remote monitoring of home
  • Smooth and sell appearance

If you need a slim and sleek and modern looking wireless hidden cam, you would get it here.

It’s the wireless hidden cam from OUCAM. It provides a greater solution for you to monitor your house. 

It lets you watch live video feedback from anywhere using a mobile app.

However, If you insert a micro SD card, then you can record the video without Wifi.

It’s also a great option to record outside. In these cases, the camera offers you power bank instant charging with high quality better in it.

Thus, the following hidden camera would let your safety be content with night vision. You would also see what’s happening in the darkness of night.

The hidden camera lets you place it on an additional stand. Which also helps you to get the perfect view possible.  


  • Look great
  • Unique design
  • Computers clearer images
  • Live to a stream of images
  • Realtime updating


  • It won’t provide you SD card and you have to get it additionally if you want


Buying Guide

When you are going to buy the best hidden camera for home surveillance, you just need to remember some critical points. Here I have listed them one by one.


Wireless hidden camera sizings

The sizings of the hidden camera should be compact. It shouldn’t be too big. Because someone might suspect it any moment.

Also, it should be smaller. So you can place it anywhere or take it with you.

Sizing also makes sure that it gets matches or disabled to the environment.

And it won’t be an issue of detecting the unit.

So, make sure that your camera is in a smaller size like it can fit into your one finger or around it.

If the camera has higher camouflage like charger, fake fire-alarm, sizing does matter.

It would be extremely helpful for your home services.



By camouflage, I am indicating the outfit of the camera unit. In my listing, I have shown you some camera units which provide you camouflage of an electric charging outlet and non-fiction fire smoke detention unit.

Thus, if you need higher clamofudges you can go for creative units like these.

It would provide you a higher assurance that people would not recognize the uint.

Thus, you can place its security and your home service would be on it’s best possible.

But one downside of those creative units is that they’re quite expensive to get. If you are willing to get a normal camera unit then you can go for other units.

Lighting indication

It’s massive but seen as a minor factor. While buying you should consider if you want any lighting indicator or not. 

Some kits provide you with lightening indications or others not. 

It depends upon your requirements.

In case you want to place the hidden camera in a secret place that no one would detect if the unit has h lighting education, then you might get in trouble.

However, sometimes the lagging indicator is necessary for some aspects.

So, before buying the hidden camera, lighting should be considered. If you want li8hgig indication, then go for it. And if you don’t want it, then don’t go for it.

The operation time on battery

Some cameras provide you optimum operation on battery and others are not. Some provide 3 hours operation and some provide you 9 hours.

However, in case the battery run time is lower, the power bank charging comes hand at all the time. 

But if you are really focused on the high battery run time, you can check out the fact before buying any unit upfront.


With the angle, I am referring to the total angle recording of the camera. If the camera angle is lower you would see the low range on the camera recording and it might leave out some blink spot on your house.

The angle ranges from 90 degrees to 160 degrees.

If you want to go for a high-range camera unit go for MCSTREE Wireless Hidden Camera.

Online and offline working

If you are a big fan of offline operation of the hidden camera then you can go for the s one. It provides you a greater option to store your footage on the Micro SD card and access them on the computer or mobile.

On the other hand, online connectivity and accessing the video feedback from mobile phones anymore in the world is a great option to have.

Kits like SIRGAWAIN G007 Wireless Hidden Camera would provide you optimum online user expertise. In these cases, the unit provides live video output on the go to your mobile devices.



1. Which is the best wireless hidden camera?

Answer: According to my research, I would suggest IRGAWAIN G007 Wireless Hidden Camera. It would be the best unit possible for you. Because it gives you greater services at once.


2. Which would be the best motion activated spy camera?

Answer: If you are a big fan of motion sensors, then units like Hugum HDV-201LM Wireless Hidden Camera would be the best possible one.


3. Which unit would be the smallest spy camera?

Answer: In case you need a smaller unit to work on units like OUCAM OUCAM-P1 Wireless Hidden Camera would be the best to get. Because it has the most compact sizing in the hidden camera section.


4. Which is the affordable option on a wireless hidden camera price range?

Answer: If your budget is holding you back, kits like this one would be the ultimate game changes. It provides you the option to service your house without breaking any price point.


5. I have an android smartphone. So which one would be the best wireless spy camera for android?

Answer: In case you have an android smartphone and want to have video output on your android smartphone, Get LUOHE LUOHE-TOP-BK Wireless Hidden Camera kit. It provides you the ultimate option to check out your service area of the home with the proper precision pinpoint video stream.



With the best hidden camera for home surveillance, you can save up a lot of money. And you would get better monitoring of your house.

Instead of having a pricey home security kit, with a proper hidden camera, you can manage to monitor your house with proper intention.

So, why are you waiting?

Just get the thing you want. And take your house in proper monitoring.

The best thing about the hidden camera is, it’s not detectable. 

They are made in such away.

And it would provide you a better advantage for your home service.

Go and pick one which should suit you the best.


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