Are Bathroom Mirrors Magnetic? (In-Depth Explaination)

Looking at a luxury bathroom interior, you might wonder are bathroom mirrors magnetic or not. To be specific, magnets are easy to detach and place on walls as well. But, are they the norm in bathroom interiors? Let’s find out.


No, bathroom mirrors are not magnetic at all as it’s not suitable for humid situations. Because magnetic mirrors have some drawbacks compared to regular mirrors as well. Today we will talk all about it.

Depth Answer on Are Bathroom Mirrors Magnetic

In a shorter answer, Most Bathroom mirrors are not magnetic at all. Because it’s not safe and feasible to have magnetic mirrors on your bathroom interior. Let’s talk more about it:


  1.  Electronic problems: When you install magnetic mirrors in your bathroom it may cause problems with all the other electronic equipment. For example, an electric toothbrush might not work properly.


  1.  Problems with Tiles: As the bathroom tiles vary a lot, most of them are not suitable to have magnetic objects on them. Which is why it’s most likely to fall after an installment.


  1.  Issues with wall paint: Most of the bathroom wall paint doesn’t support a magnet on it. As a result, it’s not a good idea to have a magnet on the bathroom wall at all.


  1.  Corrosion: Due to the moisture and water in the bathroom, the metal frame can cause Corrosion. Which, as a result, can damage the magnet and make it weaker. 


Important Factor To Look On Bathroom Mirrors

While you are choosing the right bathroom mirror, look out for the following parameters. It will make your bathroom mirror the perfect one of all. Let’s take a sneak peek:


Dimension: Whether you are taking a magnetic or regular bathroom mirror, the size should be about 24×36 inches. Because it’s the standard size seen in most luxury and conventional bathroom spaces. 


When it comes to the bathroom mirror shape, you could also go for round, oval, or other shapes. The best part is, you could order custom-shaped mirrors which suit the interior as well. 


Framing: Bathroom mirrors have framing which makes them more secure while giving them a unique look. However, you should have aluminum as a framing. Because it’s resistant to corrosion and it does stay in place even with heavy showers and water splashes.


Mounting: The mounting of the mirrors should be resistant to heavy water exposure on a regular basis. It would make sure you get the best out of your bathroom mirrors in the long term.


 Bathroom Mirrors Vs Regular Mirrors

The most contrasting difference between regular and bathroom mirrors is the size. Most of the time, bathroom mirrors are larger than regular ones. Plus, the bathroom mirrors are more resistant to water and humidity.


Moreover, the bathroom mirrors have more rebus mounting and settings. Bathroom mirrors are built for longer usage, as replacing mirrors in the bathroom is not expected.


 How to Install Bathroom Mirrors

Magnetic mirrors always use a magnet to stay in place on your bathroom wall. On the other hand, conventional mirrors use some type of bracket to stay in place. Moreover, you might find special mirrors which do not use brackets or magnets. Hence, these might use adhesive.


Either Way, you install the bathroom mirror, make sure you have a proper installation guide. If you are in confusion, better get help from a professional. It won’t cost you much and you will get the proper installation of your bathroom mirror.


Some Of The Popular Bathroom Mirror Types


Pivot mirrors

Usually, pivot mirrors come with two-sided usability. Hence, they get installed on the wall. Moreover, you could rotate the mirror in any direction without any issues as well. Having a pivot mirror in the bathroom will offer you new dimensionality.



Does your bathroom have a lesser amount of light? Better have LED mirrors. These mirrors come with lighting which makes your bathroom glow. Plus, it lets you see yourself more clearly as it emits a pleasant amount of lighting around the mirror.


Extended Mirrors

These mirrors come with the ability to be placed in any area. It’s more dynamic than other mirrors. You could place the extended mirror anywhere in the bathroom as well. Plus, its flexible base lets you rotate it in any direction without any issues.



Here are some of the questions you should have a look at right now.

How to install a mirror on a wall?

In case you are planning on having frameless mirrors, then use adhesive. For example, mastic is one of the great adhesives you could use. First, you should mark the points where you need to fit the mirror. Meanwhile, you need to add a premiere on the place where you prepare the adhesive.


How to hang a mirror on a tile wall without drilling?

The only way to hang a mirror on the tile in your bathroom is to use glue. Moreover, you must add glue back to your mirror. After you apply the glue, make sure you press the points with a towel or cloth. It would be enough to go on.


What’s the Bathroom mirror installation cost?

Talking about the installation cost for the bathroom mirror, it could go up to $20 as well. Hence, it might also depend upon per square foot of your bathroom as well. 



Enough of the questions are Bathroom Mirrors Magnetic or not? Meanwhile, we would advise you to not go for a magnetic mirror unless it’s necessary. Because magnetic mirrors are a bit hard to maintain and easy to break as well.


This is why make sure you stick to the regular mirror for your bathroom. However, you might want to experiment with different types of mirrors. Whether it’s an LED mirror or a pivot mirror, all are great as long as you get comfortable on it.

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