About Us

The owner behind the Appliances Insider is Ferdousi Begum. She is an irresistible content writer and graphic designer.

We is on a mission to create a better place for appliance buyers and help navigate in the right direction with accurate reviews.

In past we have done writing for several platforms.
Those are including the BigRated, Bnewtech, Atoz.life, PexSystem, TryPotato.

Company story

I started writing for the web only at the age of 17. since then, I kept writing and working for other’s website.

After writing for web and affiliates articles for almost 5 years, I got to the point where I had to start my own website.

On other platforms, I had to follow certain restrictions, and the pay wasn’t enough.

In my career, I have gathered extended information on Appliances and their usage.

Which’s why I started Appliances Insider to guide buyers in the right direction in my way.

Company mission & vision

To create a better platform for appliance buyers to get the right information on any product.

And make their life easier and happier with the new appliances.